Would it be Ideal to be just like a Diamond?

Well, put it this way.

It is said that Diamonds are extremely rare because so few can survive the difficult journey from the pits of the earth to reach the earth's surface.

A Diamond is also the hardest substance known to man, which makes it resistant to deterioration.

Due to its durability, when cared for properly, diamond jewellery can be worn every day and passed on as an heirloom to the next generation.

Many may see it one of the most admired stones on the planet earth and has been one of the most sought-after jewels for thousands of years.

The earliest recorded cultures used diamonds to portray strength, the value of love, and even instruments of magic. That value is likely due to a diamond's natural strength and unique visual appearance in combination with its relative rarity. Even a low-grade gem-quality diamond is still a thing of value and beauty.

This sounds to us like if you were to be just like a diamond would be to have the ability to face extreme pressure and to be able to undertake a difficult journey and come out strong. As well as being admired for your attributes of strength and beauty for years upon years.

That certainly sounds ideal to us.




Would it be Ideal to live a healthy lifestyle?

Well, just think about this for a minute.

It is said that living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses.

It is also said that feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health are important for your self-esteem and self-image.

Some may say that your health is at the center of your life and that every part of your life relies on you having good health.

One study went so far as to estimate the link between only drinking alcohol in moderation, not smoking, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet can extend your life by up to 14 years.

When you exercise regularly, you will usually find you look and feel better, leading to a rise in your confidence. Higher self-esteem can lead to a more satisfying life.

Other studies have found that exercising can release hormones to your brain that enhance your mood and provide you with a sense of euphoria.

This sounds like if were to live a healthy life that you are sure to feel better, look better, have more confidence and more energy. You could say that by living a healthy life, you almost sure to live happy life.

That certainly sounds ideal to us.




Would it be Ideal to live a wealthy life?

Well, put it this way.

It would be fair to say that being wealthy means having a lot of money. So you will not worry about matters which are related to money. You can receive the best education, afford the best healthcare and buy anything you want. Plus, you will never worry about your work because you have enough money for any expenses.

Many would agree that the more wealth we generate, the more options and opportunities that emerge.

Many would also agree that wealth gives us more options than we would have if we did not have wealth.

It has been said a wealthy person has sustainable wealth. In other words, a wealthy person will always be wealthy, as wealthy people know how to make money.

It seems to us that to live a wealthy life would mean to always have more than enough money to do the things we genuinely want to do and to live the life that we genuinely want to live. All while almost always being able to maintain this lifestyle due to your ability to make money.

Now that sounds ideal to us.




Would it be ideal to have knowledge?

Well, just think about this for a minute.

It is said that a strong base of knowledge helps brains function more smoothly and effectively. We become smarter with the power of knowledge and solve problems more easily. Knowledge is important and useful in day-to-day events.

It is also said that actively managing knowledge can help companies increase their chances of success by facilitating decision-making, building learning environments by making learning routine, and stimulating cultural change and innovation.

Many would agree that knowledge is both the theoretical and the practical information, facts or skill which we acquire through experience or through learning.

It would be fair to say your knowledge increases as you gain more experience.

Knowledge can also be seen as the glue that sticks information and learning together. When we have prior knowledge about a topic, we understand it better.

It seems to us that having knowledge optimises the brain’s function, helps you navigate the day with smarter decision making and solve problems more effectively. As well as being able to apply your knowledge in ways that contributes the success of a business.

That certainly sounds ideal to us.




Would it be ideal to have money in your life?

Well, put it this way.

It would be fair to say, that money is an essential commodity that helps you run your life. It means fewer financial worries. Exchanging goods for goods is an older practice and without any money, you cannot buy anything you wish. Money has gained its value because people are trying to save wealth for their future needs.

It would be fair to say that money enables us to provide things for our families and friends, enhancing their life through good education, the best healthcare, and supporting and achieving their goals and dreams. It can help us achieve life's intangibles. With money, good can be done and suffering can be lessened or eliminated.

Many would agree that money is a tool that enables you to protect yourself, to build yourself and your family a better life, and to give back to your community.

So, it seems as if to have money in your life would mean to be able to smoothly run your life and be able to buy what you need for yourselves and your families. All at the same time as being able to build you and your family a better life and even give back to your community.

Now that really does sound ideal to us.




Would it be ideal have freedom in your life?

Well, just think about this for a minute.

It has been said that freedom is important because it allows us to be ourselves, and to work together while maintaining autonomy. Freedom is important because its opposite is detrimental to our well-being and inconsistent with our nature.

Many say freedom is a condition in which people can speak, act, and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions.

Many would agree that freedom is important because it leads to enhanced expressions of creativity and original thought, increased productivity, and an overall high quality of life.

It seems to us that having freedom in your life would mean to be able to make your own decisions, freely express yourself and pursue your dreams without any external source holding you back. All while staying consistent with our true nature.

That sure does sound ideal to us.




Would it be Ideal to live a successful life?

Well, put it this way.

It has been said that success provides confidence, security, a sense of well-being, the ability to contribute at a greater level, hope and leadership.

It has also been said that without success, you, the group, your company, your goals, dreams, and even entire civilizations cease to survive.

It would be fair to say that being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals. Furthermore, success can be a certain social status that describes a prosperous person that could also have gained fame for its favourable outcome. The dictionary describes success as the following: “attaining wealth, prosperity and/or fame”.

It sounds as if to live successful life would mean to have confidence within yourself and excel at whatever you put your mind to. As well as being able to lead others towards a positive outcome.

That sounds ideal to us indeed.




Would it be ideal to be famous?

Well, just think about this for a minute.

It has been said that the main advantage of being famous is that you can make money very easily, using your image to publicize brands, as an example.

Some may agree that celebrities get special treatment in almost every place they go.

Many would agree that everybody wants to be treated like a somebody, like they're important, or powerful, and therefore almost every other person wants to become famous; this is what makes fame desirable to many.

It would be fair to say that many believe that with fame comes power, status, and wealth. However, it has also been said that Fame can make people slightly more vulnerable, because it throws them open to unlimited judgement.

So, it sounds like if you were to be famous, you could easily live a desirable life with many exciting opportunities. You could make money easily, along with many people admiring you and respecting you for what you do. It does seem likely that with fame comes unlimited judgement. But if you stay true to who you are, whether the cameras are on or off, no one will believe any slander.

So that sounds pretty ideal to us.




Would it be ideal to have power?

Well, put it this way.

It has been said that power is the capacity to cause change, produce effects on others or potentially influence others.

It has also been said that power is fundamental to doing anything and that it is the ability to make something happen.

Many would agree that power helps bring more control in your life.

Many would also agree that feeling that you are in control, can make a difference in your work environment and home environment can reducing feelings of helplessness that can cause stress.

It would be fair to say that it is essential that we learn how to responsibly exercise power in cooperative ways that are of benefit to all. As I am sure you have all heard the saying “with great power comes great responsibility”.

It sounds as if having power would mean that if you are responsible with that power you can take control of the situation, make things happen and bring them to a desired end for all. All while being able to make a positive difference within your work and home environment. As well having the ability to positively influence and inspire others with your good intentions.

That of course sounds ideal to us.



Toasted marshmallows

Would it be ideal to have your Marshmallows Toasted?

Well, just think about this for a minute.

It has been said that the marshmallow over the fire can make the sugar caramelize, a chemical reaction that produces the golden-brown colour and toasted flavour. It requires really high temperatures, so microwaving your marshmallow won’t cut it.

Another interesting factor is that when the sugar gets hot enough, it starts to break down into smaller molecules that then react with one another. These reactions produce new fruity, nutty, and buttery flavours you can taste and smell on your toasted marshmallow. They also turn the marshmallow skin that satisfying golden colour.

It seems that by having your marshmallows toasted you are taking them to a completely different level. Sure, they are nice as they are, but when introduced to the cosy heat of a campfire, the sugar caramelizes, the skin turns an aesthetic golden-brown colour and then new fruity, nutty and buttery flavours are produced.

Ooo, that sure sounds ideal to us.


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